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Fund energy efficiency projects for bottom-line savings.

At EcoStay, we believe that most hotels still have plenty of opportunities to reduce their environmental impact while also reducing operating costs through energy efficiency, waste reduction and informed product purchasing decisions. We know that finding the money to make those changes can often delay, or even derail, the best of intentions. That’s why we created EcoFunding – it’s like having your very own financing and rebate program, all rolled into one.


“EcoStay allowed us to complete an ambitious project that we had in mind for a long time. Thanks to the funds, we installed Energex motion sensor thermostats in all guestrooms, which will decrease our energy loss by about 30%.” Julia Georlette Best Western Plus Chateau Granville

“The added bonus is that we get to use some of the funds to help improve our carbon footprint at the hotel and provide a more enjoyable experience for our guests by being able to provide low-flow shower heads and energy efficient flat-screen televisions.” Kurt Fonseca Juniper Hotel

“The EcoStay Green Fund has allowed us to not only continue with our many GREEN programs and initiatives, but most recently purchase more eco-friendly cleaning products, repair and maintain our bikes in our Stay™ | Green Bike4FREE program (a fun way to help guests reduce emissions), and also look into some salt alternatives for the upcoming snowy season!” Ayrlea Manchester Bellstar Hotels & Resorts

“EcoStay has allowed us to move forward on important energy efficiency improvements. The upcoming investment in motion-sensor heating/AC controls would not be possible at this time if not for EcoStay.” Peter Snook Sawridge Inn Fort McMurray


Best Western Crown Chase, one of our member hotels, recently realized these savings:

Best Western Crown Chase, one of our member hotels, recently replaced 195 of their CFL bulbs (13 to 32 watt) and incandescent (40 & 50 watt) bulbs, with LED lamps of varying styles and watts (ranging from 4 to 18 watt) in their public areas and kitchen. The initial investment of $2,258 for the bulbs was fully funded by the hotel’s EcoFunding. Here’s what happened:

  • 1-2 year payback on the initial investment
  • Ongoing year-over-year savings of $1,392 on electricity
  • An additional $405 in annual cost savings for material costs and labour
  • Total annual savings of $1,797 (that’s $8,985 over 5 years!)
  • 9,298 kg less in annual carbon emission

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