Plant and Protect Trees

EcoStay wants to help hotels like yours leave a legacy of nature and beauty for all to enjoy.

That’s why we created the EcoStay Forestry Initiative; a collaborative legacy forestry preservation, providing carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, education and cultural heritage for generations to come.

girl carrying tree sapling  

Why Trees?

Because forests trap carbon dioxide in their bark, wood and roots, they are recognized as a leading solution in the fight against rising CO2 levels worldwide.

Guests Will Love Our Virtual Forest

Virtual Forest Guests can take part in virtual tree planting while being recognized personally as they name their tree and join millions of others in making an impact. Our virtual forest with live webcam promises to engage today’s generation as they become informed and proud of their meaningful travel choices. Guests can post to Facebook and Twitter, sharing their tree planting with friends.

Supporting local forests

Please visit the links for more information on our current regional projects.

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