Partners & Members

We developed EcoStay specifically to address the needs of hospitality sustainability, but we’re not alone.

Strategic Partners

There are lots of great organizations out there with the same goal, so we have strategically partnered with the very best of them to help us deliver the best to you.

Third-Party Project Registries

By using third-party public registries, we ensure all the transparency, checks and balances you should expect from any environmental company.

What Are Hoteliers Saying?

There’s nothing better than hearing it from your peers:

“There is really no reason not to sign up. It truly is risk free. Our hotel is in Texas (Best Western Denton), and if you can create an eco-friendly initiative here, you can anywhere.” Zach Glenn Helm Hotels Group

“We are very proud of Bellstar’s EcoStay achievements to date and are so pleased with how eager our guests are to participate.” Ayrlea Manchester Bellstar Hotels & Resorts

“…our guests love it! We’ve had nothing but positive feedback. Our larger corporate clients actually inquire as to the hotel’s environmental initiatives as part of the RFP process in determining which hotels they will utilize.” Peter Snook Sawridge Inn Fort McMurray

What Are Guests Saying?

With today’s easy access to online review platforms, we know exactly what guests, that stay at our member properties, are thinking and saying.

If you are concerned about the environment, this place is for you. They have recycling in the room and the usual sheet reuse options. They have one extra piece: They are a member of EcoStay. They make your stay eco-friendly for a $2 charge.” Guest Super 8

“Environmentally Friendly. They ask for your help to accomplish these goals by minimizing sheet and towel changes. Reuse them like you would at home. You become part of this great program.” Premier Guest Best Western

“The hotel has a sign in the front lobby that says they are green; I was charged a minimal fee to offset my stay with them. Fantastic!” Guest Best Western

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