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The EcoStay Certified Program is brought to you by LivClean Corp., a top-ranked carbon offset retailer by the David Suzuki and Pembina Institute’s worldwide ranking.

LivClean has been consulting and supplying emission-reducing carbon credits to thousands of individuals and corporations since 2008.

We developed EcoStay specifically to address the needs of hospitality sustainability and have strategically aligned the program with several industry associations and organizations, including the Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association, Green Key Global, Best Western Hotels and Greenview Hospitality Pte Ltd.

Our purpose is to offer a way of doing business that puts back more into society, the environment and the bottom line than it takes out.

Our company’s commitment to green business practices include FSC paper procurement, e-invoicing and e-payment, web conferencing, and offsetting the emissions we can’t avoid, such as occasional travel.

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