Sustainability Management Portal

Our robust on-line tracking tool will keep you current in
facility management best practices.

Greenview portal We’ll track your utility, waste and water usage on-line giving you a window of insight into one of your biggest costs.

Our easy to use, multi-property portal will also take stock of your buildings eco-attributes, your environmental practices and social outreach. Imagine generating industry specific, compliant reports for RFPs at the touch of a button, calculating your carbon footprint using industry standards or applying for green certification programs in one seamless step.


  • Easily answer RFP Requests.
  • Streamline application process for Green Key Global, Trip Advisor’s Green Leaders and many other certification programs.
  • Track and aggregate your energy, water, carbon and waste data.
  • Calculates carbon footprint (HCMI & ISO compliant industry standards)
  • On-line multi-user with individual and portfolio views.
  • Analyze and share with team and across portfolio.

Easy to use. You and your team submit the data; we calculate the rest!

Monthly Subscription Rates: $135 - $165 CAD

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