EcoStay hotels support their choice of local eco-projects like these:

Tree Planting

With sites across the country, every tree planted helps combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide emissions, producing oxygen and providing trees habitats for wildlife. Every tree is registered or protected, to ensure a maximum and guaranteed life span.

Land & Wildlife Conservation

Wetland conservation, river bank improvement, protection of migration corridor and endangered species habitat all conserve biodiversity. By supporting initiatives that enhance and protect the ecological value of a given territory you can help balance off the negative impacts of urban development and the extraction of natural resources. Protected lands are registered under land title offices to ensure long-term conservation.

Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Supporting initiatives that reduce greenhouse gases allow you to take responsibility for unavoidable emissions. Projects in renewable energy and energy efficiency across the transportation, manufacturing and institutional sectors employ various technologies to avoid, reduce, and eliminate polluting greenhouse gases. Every tonnes of reduction is registered on public GHG registries, to ensure proper ownership, and avoid double counting. more…



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