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When it comes to the environment, figuring out what to do, and how to do it, is not always easy. We recognize that your priority is running your business and sometimes you just don’t have the time or in-house expertise to focus on the environment. That’s why we’ve developed tools and services to help you turn those daunting eco-projects into no-brainer planet-saving money makers.

Sustainability Management Portal

Our robust online tracking tool will keep you current in facility management best practices.

We’ll track your utility, waste and water usage online, giving you insight into one of your biggest costs. Our easy to use, multi-property portal will also take stock of your building’s eco-attributes, your environmental practices and social outreach. Imagine generating industry-specific, compliant reports for RFPs at the touch of a button, calculating your carbon footprint using industry standards, or applying for green certification programs in one seamless step.

Sustainability Solutions

Think of us as your go-to Green Team.

Consider us your guide as you navigate through the jungle of audits, ROI calculations, supplier sourcing, disposal and price negotiations. We’ll help you identify and prioritize projects, source suppliers, apply for rebates, earn certifications, go carbon neutral and more.

Workshops, webinars and training

We’ll enlighten you and your team through relevant and regular sessions of discovery, learning and instruction.

Gain access to a hand-picked assembly of experts in sustainable hospitality. We guarantee to uncover plenty of opportunities just for you, with clear plans for action.

Marketing & Communications

You’re doing a great thing! Be proud.

Share your achievements with guests, head office, stakeholders and the broader hospitality community. Our full-service marketing and PR department will help you showcase your efforts and align your brand with social and environmental responsibility.

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