Making green your business

Join the movement to empower and engage today’s
travelers in a unique environmental program that will
help change our planet.

Discover opportunities, and
make them happen.
Use our expertise to help you turn those daunting
eco-projects into no-brainer planet-saving money makers.
Fund energy efficiency projects
for bottom-line savings.
Reduce your environmental impact while also reducing
operating costs through energy efficiency, waste reduction and
informed product purchasing decisions.
Now you can be the change!
Make an immediate impact when you support shared
environmental initiatives that align with your guests’ values.

The EcoStay Certified Program

Helping hoteliers invest in energy saving and emission reducing
projects, while truly engaging today’s discerning traveler.

Fund sustainability initiatives

  Reduce your energy, water and waste while you grow your bottom line.

Leave a Legacy

Support our masterpiece reforestation initiatives. A shared legacy of nature and beauty for all to enjoy. Now you can be the change.

EcoStay Really Works

“EcoStay allowed us to complete an ambitious project that we had in mind for a long time.”
Julia GeorletteBest Western Plus Chateau Granville
“To my pleasant surprise, I have found that the majority of guests
embrace what we are doing and are happy to do their part.”
Todd AndersonBest Western Wine Country Inn
“There is really no reason not to sign up. It truly is risk-free.”
Zach GlennHelm Hotels Group
“We are very proud of Bellstar’s EcoStay achievements to date
and are so pleased with how eager our guests are to participate.”
Ayrlea ManchesterBellstar Hotels & Resorts
“Our larger corporate clients actually inquire as to our Hotel’s
environmental initiatives as part of the RFP process.”
Peter SnookSawridge Inn
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“The purpose of the corporation must be redefined as creating shared value, not just profit per se.” Shared Value Initiative

"… you have to do what's right financially, for the planet, for the people, and for the profit side..." Arlene DickensonDragon’s Den

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Get Green Key Certified. The best way to prove your green status is to have it confirmed by Canada’s leading environmental certification body.

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